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About Us

Mustang Paintball is an official club of the University Students Council at the University of Western Ontario located in London, Ontario, Canada. The Mustang Paintball Club is the University of Western Ontario's only paintball club, and was founded by students passionate about the game, eager to not only play the sport, but to promote its awareness. Since its inception, Mustang Paintball has grown from a handful of students to dozens, with an increasing membership each year of its existence. Members's skill levels vary from the curious hobbyist to the extremely skilled. While owning your own equipment is not required to join the club, many members become so involved with the sport that they not only purchase their own gear, but they make their own equipment and modifications. Paintball can be more than a simple game, and for many of our members it has become a way of life. The club meets on average once a month, to play the game, promote its awareness, to make friends, and have fun.

Members of Mustang Paintball are each interested in promoting a safe, fun game, while getting to know one another and encouraging the participation of new players from all walks of life. We are continually recruiting new members, and ask that anyone curious about this fantastic game to contact us for more information.

If you would like more information about the University of Western Ontario and/or any of its other clubs, please consult the University's official web site.

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