Meet the Exec Team!

Lookin' for the heppest cats on campus? Meet the guys and gals that run the show!

UWO Swing Kids Exec Team

Name: Peter Struefert
Executive Position: Guru (or Guru Trainer... Dave is doing great...)
Program: Economics professor
Years Swing Dancing: 12
Favourite Swing Move: Double Spin
Favourite Swing Music: How Lucky Can One Guy Get

Name: Chevy Priyadamkol
Executive Position: VP Internal
Program: BMSc (Pathology and Toxicology)
Years Swing Dancing: 2
Favourite Swing Move: She Turns, He Turns
Favourite Swing Music: "Zoot suit riot" - the Cherry Poppin' Daddies or anything with Richard Cheese!

Name: David Greig
Executive Position: Guru in Training
Program: Mechanical Engineering; Masters
Years Swing Dancing: 3
Favourite Swing Move: ... I need a favourite?
Favourite Swing Music: Buble or Caravan Palace

Name: Morgaine Blackthorn
Executive Position: Webmaster
Program: BA (English and French)
Years Swing Dancing: 2
Favourite Swing Move: Sloppy Cha Cha
Favourite Swing Music: Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

updated on September 23, 2010


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