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Wednesday, April 02, 1997



OC soph critique not justified

Re: OC soph selection elitist, March 25

To the editor:

I am writing in response to a letter published last week about the process of selection for off campus sophs. I can understand Aimee Gendron's frustration about friends of hers not being able to participate in this year's off-campus orientation, but she has started picking apart a process that she knows very little about.

She does have good intentions, but she is ignorant to the entire process. Her external viewpoint has been skewed heavily due to emotional ties to those who did not make the interview process.

Personally attacking the selection committee was done with poor judgment. I have participated in OC orientation soph selections for three years and there is an extensive amount of discussion regarding each candidate for five hours on the last night of tryouts. The only thing mentioned is their name, how they interacted with others within the group and their energy level. Not once did their "freestyle dancing abilities" come into play nor did the raw beauty of any candidate get discussed. Because she was not in the room during the selection process all that she has written about is hearsay and full of uneducated viewpoints.

Finally, she has basically stated that every good soph who has been produced by OC was a fluke because, as she stated, due to "their inadequate evaluation process, it will be [by] chance alone" that good sophs are produced. This statement should make all OC sophs, old and new, cringe. The entire process (the two-night tryout and the interview) is an excellent system to find the best sophs to lead the first-year students to their academic horizons. I am proud of the selection committee and would like to congratulate all of the OC sophs for 1997. Purple and Proud!

Shane Davis
OC Commissioner 1995
Orientation Staff 1996

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