Volume 90, Issue 98

Wednesday, April 02, 1997



Town Hall raided by rude student

Re: UWO Young Liberal Town Hall

To The Editor:

On March 27, the UWO Young Liberal Club invited some of our nation's political representatives to speak to the students of Western and to answer any questions those students might have had. Member of Parliament,Susan Barnes and Joe Fontana took time out of their very busy schedules to come and speak to students in an open forum in the University Community Centre's atrium.

The event was well-attended and many excellent questions were answered. The reason I write, however, is to chastise a rather rude and inhospitable student who came with the intent of grandstanding and showing his own political views. This student got up to the microphone and proceeded to ask some good questions but in an incredibly rude tone of voice. He then proceeded to ignore the answer and stepped away from the microphone and began to yell back at the MPs, not even letting them answer his questions. He then took out some of the Conservative Party's literature and started waving it around and yelling some more. Every person is entitled to their own opinions but these MPs are members of the House of Commons and should be treated with the respect that they have earned, regardless of opposing views. His actions reflect very badly upon our university and the student body.

Nothing in this letter indicates that the Liberal Party is unwilling to answer tough questions. In fact, had the rude student listened he would have heard some good solid answers. Perhaps his place is not in a university but in a kindergarten where he could learn some manners.

Jonathan Ruby
Political Science II

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