Volume 90, Issue 99

Thursday, April 03, 1997

The Great One


Big sips of the fashion world

By Jennifer Leonard
Gazette Staff

Red gloss is a term synonymous with the cosmetic and fashion industries. Soups are sure to contain an unusual mixture of ingredients.

Red Gloss soup is a fundraising event for the London Regional Art and Historical Museums. It is at once a fashion show, a design competition and an unveiling of the gallery's costume collection. LRAHM is putting on the three-part show in association with Fluid Productions and Coupe Coupe hair salon.

To start the evening right, there will be a Lounge Vibe Reception and Heritage Fashion Exhibit, offering complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres, plus a martini bar. The gallery will have on exhibit its hat and dress collection. "The gallery has over 2,000 pieces of clothing that have never seen the light of day, Red Gloss Soup producer John Hodgson says"

The fashion show supports the gallery's mandate of bringing in younger people, as well as "attracting more design students to see the conservation area," Hodgson says.

Examples of the presented costumes are a red silk dress with satin trim circa 1825 and a 1950s prom dress of violet tulle and rose acetate.

Red Gloss soup has been in the planning stages since last summer, with official rehearsals beginning two and a half months ago.

During the show, a $1,000 scholarship – the Heritage Design Award – will be offered to one of the five student designers, who hail from both Beal Secondary School and Fanshawe College. The panel of judges is comprised of representatives from Brescia College, Fanshawe College, The London Free Press and The Bay.

The fashion show will therefore showcase a preview of futuristic styles by young aspiring designers, as well as those by already acclaimed Canadian designers and retailers, including Peach Berserk, Majak and Staffiere's 1997 collection of Fashion Forward Men's Wear (featured in a recent issue of Flare magazine), Lilliana Paiva's chain-mail designs for Copper Cauldron, Weezi (Fine Apparel for Improper Young Ladies and the Occasional Bad Boy) and the spring 1997 designs from award-winning designer David Dixon.

Hold on to your seats, as there will also be a special guest performance by Jackae Baker, Toronto's top female impersonator.

The hair styles are designed by both Coupe Coupe and Chez Cheveux stylists. "Some of the styles have 19th century influence, while the rest will be cool, funky stuff," Hodgson says.

The models are drawn from the community and range in levels of experience. The music for the show runs the whole range, Hodgson claims.

What separates red Gloss soup from other fashion shows is its design competition.

At the fashion show's conclusion, the Temple After Show Party begins, featuring a guest DJ, a light show and temple serfs. Hodgson talks of the ambience and looks forward to "transforming the contemporary gallery into a Greek temple."

In addition to spotlighting the historically inspired avant garde fashions and hair styles, Sunday's red Gloss soup fashion show will offer you a motley mouthful to sip on.

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