Volume 90, Issue 99

Thursday, April 03, 1997

The Great One


Grab a gut, laugh at da jokes

Re: Ethical integrity questioned, March 25

To the Editor:

During the six years I've been at Western, reading The Gazette has become a ritual I enjoy. However, over the past couple of years, it's starting to lose its edge – it's throw-caution-to-the-wind, print something crazy, something daring, something funny. I do not blame The Gazette for this. I think the problem lies in our high schools – they're turning out students with no sense of humour. The first and second-year Western students appear to now be poised, pens in hands, ready to write and complain about anything. Nobody sees the humour anymore.

Take for example last Tuesday's paper. There was a letter to the editor claiming The Gazette has extremely bad taste because of the caption "Meet me in the UCC for a free lei" under a picture of a Hawaiian dancer. I thought that caption was great. I've always enjoyed The Gazette's witty captions under their photos. They're not aimed at any person or group. Photos from the prime minister to the volleyball team will be accompanied by witty captions. These captions rarely have anything to do with the article that goes with the picture and sometimes have little to do with the actual picture. For example, in the movie review section of last Tuesday's paper is an article claiming Liar Liar is a great movie. However, the caption under the photo of Jim Carey is a witty statement about Carey making millions for acting stupid. Just as Carey is probably aware that people make fun of him, most Hawaiian people probably laugh, or at least smile, at jokes related to the word "lei."

In the same issue of The Gazette is a letter to the editor about a comic of a leather-clad cow entitled "Homogenized." I didn't see this comic, but that's funny. I checked with a friend of mine who's gay and he wasn't offended. In fact, like me, he thought it was funny. We see the humour. It's a play on words, a pun. It's funny and that's rare in The Gazette comics anymore (Horovitz excluded). I think that everybody's so scared of offending someone, they try to find humour where there is none. Screw it. Make your jokes. Don't let The Gazette become a bland piece of politically correct trash.

Sean Secord
Nursing IV/Biology III

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