Volume 90, Issue 99

Thursday, April 03, 1997

The Great One


Must kiss ass now and then

Re: OC soph selection

To the Editor:

As I flipped through the Tuesday edition of The Gazette, the editorial page stuck out at me. Aimee Gendron seems to think that the OC soph selection process is tainted or not taken seriously. As I read her letter the term 'sour grapes' kept popping into my head. This leads me to my letter and a couple of tips that I thought Aimee and the other rejected OC sophs should take into consideration.

1. Life isn't always fair.

2. In life, it is not what you know but who you know (a little ass-kissing never hurt anyone).

So, the OC Soph selection process isn't perfect. Are any of the soph selection processes perfect (eg. Huron, Medway)? Likely not, so quit your bitchin' and get on with your life!

Mark Mathieson
Social Science I

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