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Volume 90, Issue 99

Thursday, April 03, 1997

The Great One


More was less at Spoke countdown

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

More than the Top 100 Popstars Countdown was revealed at The Spoke Tuesday night as four students stripped down at the end of the evening.

The bar was packed for the countdown which took close to eight hours, said Michelle Foltarz, one of the evening's DJs. Towards the end of the countdown, during The Stone Roses' "I Am The Resurrection," four unidentified and fairly intoxicated students began to undress themselves while on the dance floor, Foltarz said.

Before being stopped, one of the four students managed to strip completely naked while the other three went only as far as taking off their shirts.

After numerous cheers and jeers from the crowd, DJs Foltarz and Megan Jeffery asked the men to put their clothes back on. "I told them what they were doing was called indecent exposure and that they could be arrested." Foltarz said.

"I just couldn't believe it," Jeffery said. "All I saw at first was one guy in his boxers. He was facing my way and then he just took them off."

The Spoke's assistant manager Scott Armstrong said he was completely dismayed by the events that took place but he had to confront the naked man. "I looked him straight in the eye – and nowhere else – and told him it would be a good idea if he left," Armstrong said. "I couldn't even tell him how stupid he was being."

The names of the students were not recorded at the time of the incident so they will not be reprimanded or banned from the bar, Armstrong added.

Mark Serré, The Spoke's manager, had gone home at 2:30 am and missed the episode. "I couldn't fathom what they were doing," he said, upon being informed of the evening's events.

For the past two months The Spoke has been collecting and tabulating ballots from students who voted for their favourite 100 pop songs, Armstrong explained. In total 9,435 ballots were collected for The Spoke's Top 100 Popstars Countdown and at the evening's peak, 350 students were in attendance to hear the favourites.

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