Volume 90, Issue 102

Wednesday, April 09, 1997




As another hectic school year winds down, so too does The Gazette and although we're all eager to finally get some sleep there is an air of anticipation over what next year will bring.

Spring has sprung, the grass is green and the birds are a chirpin.' Along with all the new sights and sounds on campus is a whole new crop of editors which will make up next year's editorial board for The Gazette. It may not be easy being green, but we are confident these students will show us their stuff as they take over next year – God love 'em!

The Gazette's 1997-98 Editorial Board

Karena Walter
Deputy Editor
Donna MacMullin
Managing Editor
James Pugsley
News Editors
Josh Budd
Sara Marett
Associate News Editors
Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Brendan Howe
Entertainment Editors
Jamie Lynn
Lisa Weaver
Carey Weinberg
Sports Editors
Alex Chiang
Ian Ross
Associate Sports Editor
John Intini
Features Editors

Natalie Henry
Brad Lister
Photo Editors
Andria Kury
Geoff Robins
Associate Photo Editors
Shereen Chang
Sam Pane
Graphics Editors
Colin Dunne
Janice Olynich
Opinions Editor
Yaseen Nimjee
Special Projects Editor

Fran Dicesare

To Contact The Editorial Department: gazed@julian.uwo.ca

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