Volume 90, Issue 102

Wednesday, April 09, 1997



COLUMN: Meet you in the next world - don't be late

By Jonathan Hale
Entertainment Editor

At the end of one's job, it is inevitable that most will look back on the experience and think about all of the things that could have been done, changes that may have improved things and creative ideas that have never before been attempted. When I look back on this year, while I am proud of the work that both Paul and myself did, I too will consider ideas that never materialized. But instead of dwelling on what was not accomplished, I will instead consider what was.

This year, Paul and I tried to diversify the entertainment section not simply by trying the odd new thing, but also by expanding on certain areas in the section. We put the effort forward to cover almost every campus theatrical production and also tried to cover most of the Grand Theatre's plays, we also had reviews of most of the latest films in the city at the major theatres and we also tried to give our readers a diverse collection of band interviews, talking to both local or North American independent acts, as well as a few major acts that didn't even come to town.

Along with the variety of topics that people had to choose from to read about, I hope that throughout the year, Western was also entertained by the creative writing that came from a staff of well over 30 writers. From the obscure mind of Sam Pane to the poetic wonders of Emily Ruffell, readers were not simply finding the same opinions with different names, but instead extremely unique angles telling about a wide range of books, albums and, well, pretty much anything.

This year, after being with The Gazette for a couple of years, we were finally able to take control of the section, enjoying a few ventures that we will likely remember long after this year is over. There was the experience of the Edenfest, Paul's memorable conversation with Steven Perkins of Porno for Pyros or my interviews with The Simpsons producer David Cohen or James's guitarist Saul Davies.

And while Paul and I will now move on to other things or finish our degrees, we can only wish good luck to our successors, Jamie Lynn, Lisa Weaver and Carey Weinberg.

But some students may still reflect on this section and consider what it didn't have and why they didn't enjoy it. All I can say is that if you would like to see more of something in The Gazette, like orchestra reviews or descriptions of art exhibits, then you should come up to The Gazette and be a part of the Entertainment section to make sure your interests are no longer overlooked. Paul and I tried to diversify the section, but when no one is knowledgeable or interested in a certain aspect of it, then this topic becomes difficult to cover.

Hopefully anyone who chooses to join The Gazette will have a similar, always-interesting experience that I have endured over the past couple of years.

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