Volume 90, Issue 102

Wednesday, April 09, 1997



Recycle da rubbish, won't you?

Re: Recycling programs on campus

To the Editor:

The other day when the weather was great I was strolling across campus feeling like spring was in the air. I was inspired by the beautiful day to pick up a Gazette that was blowing across my path in order to do a little bit of my part towards improving the environment and the sites around me.

I carried the crumpled paper with me past several garbage cans to the building I was going to anyway in order to drop it in a newspaper recycling bin. I was approaching the blue boxes when I realized my impeccable timing: the bins were coincidentally being emptied by a physical plant employee. I could now skip the middle-man so to speak and deposit the paper directly into the newspaper bag. I must have had that look in my eye ( you know the one: the "I wonder which bag is the newspaper bag" look) because he offered to put it away for me. Can you imagine my shock when after having gladly given him the newspaper, he then put it in the garbage? Not the recycling bin, which ironically was even closer to him at the time than the garbage bin! I felt insulted.

I am quite impressed with the extensiveness of Western's recycling program (although rather unimpressed with the ability of the students to use it) but it is a mere token gesture towards the improvement of our environment. To have this gesture sabotaged from the inside by the very people who control it is annoying, disturbing and downright counter-productive.

Admittedly there is a lot of work to do to lessen our ecological impact, but if we all do our part it won't seem like that big of a job at all. Perhaps the university could start by educating their physical plant employees on the benefits and the necessities of such programs.

Adam Brown
B.Sc., Environmental Science and Biology

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