Volume 90, Issue 102

Wednesday, April 09, 1997



Nudity! - flaunt it!

Re: More was less, April 3

To the Editor:

The April 3 edition of The Gazette contained an article describing the Spoke's Top 100 Popstars Countdown and the ensuing nudity on the dance floor. The DJs and other Spoke staff seemed highly critical of this naked man and his hedonistic actions. The Spoke's assistant manager even commented on "how stupid he was being." I could not disagree more. This young man is a moral beacon in a time of convoluted values, casting off the shackles of social inhibitions that plague our daily lives. He is a true follower of Dionysian revelry to its most ecstatic limits and should be praised as a liberator of spirits. To refer to this act of nudity as "indecent exposure" implies that the naked body is inherently evil. As Lenny Bruce said, "God created us all naked, so if this is evil, then the fault lies with the manufacturer.

Curt Moeller
English III

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