Volume 90, Issue 102

Wednesday, April 09, 1997



Who's a leader for OUSA

The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance will undergo one more change this year as it searches for its next full-time executive director.

University Students' Council VP-student issues Chris Walsh said the biggest challenge for the new director will be membership development. "It's going to be a top priority," he said.

Successful applicants for the position need to know about educational issues and how to fight through a bureaucracy, combined with leadership and communication skills. Applications close April 14.

Walsh said the new director, who will take office in May, will need to work with the next year's steering committee to develop a specific stance on income-contingent loan repayment programs.

The new director will replace Rick Martin, the interim director who replaced Mike Burns after Burns and his staff were laid-off from the alliance in January due to financial problems.

The director will also have to hire a new staff to replace the ones let go in January.

The alliance currently represents over 100,000 undergraduate students from six Ontario universities, including Western, by lobbying the provincial government to influence policies on post-secondary education.

–Kevin Gale

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