Volume 90, Issue 102

Wednesday, April 09, 1997



Prez proud of year gone by

By Donna MacMullin
Gazette Staff

As the school year draws to a close some are looking back with a trace of nostalgia before moving on to bigger and brighter things.

University Students' Council President Dave Tompkins is looking forward to starting his masters degree next year as he received a $31,000 scholarship to attend grad school, but said he will miss Western. "I'll miss Monday nights at The Spoke, CentreSpot, the engineering building and, most of all, the people."

Tompkins said he was pleased overall with is performance as president this year, but he is not sure of how to gage student opinion. "I'd like to think the USC has been more accountable to students this year, but I wish I had spent more time with students," he said. "I hope I didn't disappoint those who voted for me."

Tompkins said when he became president, he had the mistaken perception of having more direct control over USC operations. "That was where my lack of experience in the field shone through." But generally he said the pressure and expectations which came with the position were not surprising, although the magnitude of these responsibilities was.

Looking back on some of the main events this year, Tompkins said he was proud of his boldness in fighting for the UWO Act and the initiative of the virtual sit-in. "I don't think [the sit-in] could have failed, it didn't cost much and the intention was to draw attention to the issues affecting students," he said. "I think people appreciated it. We got one out of the six recommendations, which is better than if we didn't have the sit-in."

Although students are often criticized for being apathetic to the issues on campus, Tompkins said the lack of student awareness is more of a concern. "Deep down, students care about the issues, but they don't have time to learn about them," he said.

Tompkins said his biggest fear for next year is the possible loss of Orientation Week. "It is something which is close to my heart," he said. There needs to be an extension of the orientation governance board, to ensure it survives, he added.

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