Volume 91, Issue 0

Monday, August 18, 1997




Editors: Colin Dunne and Janice Olynich

In recent history, the graphics section has grown by leaps and bounds to become an influential force in the paper. Obviously the showcase and sacred part of the paper for the artist is the editorial page, where, four times a week, an artist – usually one of the two co-editors – draws the highly-read editorial cartoon. The honour of doing the editorial cartoon is bestowed upon our best artists and is a goal for new and aspiring cartoonists to strive for.

The graphics department also puts out a comics page and is looking for any submissions from students.

The third duty of graphics editors is to draw graphics to accompany, illustrate or highlight stories throughout the paper.

If you are interested in drawing for The Gazette, approach the graphics editors. If you've drawn before, bring up some of your work for them to look at.

To Contact The Comics Department: gazed@julian.uwo.ca

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