Volume 91, Issue 0

Monday, August 18, 1997



Arts and Entertainment

Editors: Jamie Lynn, Lisa Weaver and Carey Weinberg

The entertainment section of The Gazette is mainly concerned with discussing local concerts, films, art exhibitions, plays and recently-released records and books. It does, however, include stories on people, places or events with affect the local and international entertainment scene.

Entertainment stories, like almost all newspaper stories, involve interviewing, reviewing and reporting. When reviewing a concert, play or art exhibition, talk to people involved. A direct quotation from a director, actor or artist will often add information and make the article a more interesting read.

Entertainment is the section in which writers have the most creative freedom. Zaniness and unorthodoxy run rampant in this section, and that's good – it's where people can take the vehicle of traditional journalism and take it off-roading. But, to be readable and enjoyable, a story still has to make sense. Entertainment, like the other sections of the newspaper, is bound by the same rules of good grammar and style.

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