Volume 91, Issue 0

Monday, August 18, 1997



About The Gazette

The Gazette is located at The University of Western Ontario and was established in November 1906. The University Students' Council is The Gazette's publisher, but The Gazette editors maintain full editorial control. Over the years The Gazette has developed into one of the largest and most professional student papers in Canada and regularly produces more pages per year than any other Canadian student paper.

The Gazette is published four times each week, Tuesday through Friday, with a circulation of 16,000. There are also several special issues per year – some of which include the Homecoming Edition and Orientation Edition.

During the summer, five eight-page issues are published during May and June.

Over the years The Gazette has undergone a number of changes since it began. Computerization in 1987 hurled The Gazette out of the dark ages of typewriters. We now use Macintosh computers which are connected to each other by the AppleShare network.

We took a major leap into the current daily format in 1991. It meant changes in staff structure and a lot of extra trials and tribulations, not to mention cramped deadlines. However, it has allowed us to add Canadian Press and, as a result, give Western students national and international news daily.

We hit the Internet in 1996 and continue to redesign the page.

The Gazette is a special and unique organization, combining three full-time editors, 18 section editors, more than 50 photographers, writers and artists as well as full-time advertising salespeople and production staff members.

The front office – the Editor-in-chief, Deputy editor and Managing editor – is elected by the staff each March. The positions are full-time paid positions.

Although the front office work about 70 hours a week, the real work comes from the vounteer staff of students, who give as much time as school and conscience allow or more. It is a flexible organization; one you chose to be a part of because of the personal benefits and friendships it entails.

To Contact The News Department: gaznews@julian.uwo.ca

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