Volume 91, Issue 0

Monday, August 18, 1997




Editors: Alex Chang, John Intini and Ian Ross

The sports section focuses mainly on the CIAU scene, with emphasis on covering the Mustangs.

With columns, contests and pro sports articles also included, this section is as fun to write for as the sports are to watch.

When writing sports, look for the most interesting aspect of the event you are covering. This does not necessarily mean that the score or even who won the event should be the focus of the story. Usually a big fight, a confrontation between the two players' skills or someone setting a record is more important than the outcome of the contest.

The future of sportswriting is not in the standard game report – it's in the human angle.

Sportswriting allows for a little more subjectivity than news writing, but remember that the writer must back up all statements with statistics or a quote. Do not be afraid to be critical; we are not cheerleaders. But do not be unfair either.

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