Volume 91, Issue 0

Tuesday,August 19, 1997




Editors: Sara Marett, Sandra Dimitrakopoulos, Brendan Howe

What counts as news is difficult to define, though most people have an intuitive idea of what it is. Current events, politics, student-city relations and developments, other university campuses and just about anything else current that affects the students of Western is covered by The Gazette's news section.

Ultimately, it's up to the news and front office editors what will count as news, but if you have an idea for a story, don't be afraid to bring it to their attention.

News style is probably the tightest in the entire paper. Space is always at a premium and objectivity, accuracy, concision, coherence and brevity are the mainstays of every news story. The general writing guidelines above are most strict in the news section.

However, this does not mean news stories should be dry and lifeless. A concise, clear story also can be colourful, descriptive, and full of human interest. News is where the action is; it's what's happening now, it's the people and events readers want to hear about right away. It's the heart of the newspaper, so experience in newswriting is valuable for every reporter.

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