Volume 91, Issue 53

Tuesday, December 2, 1997



Recreation in repetition

By Susan McKenzie
Gazette Writer

What do you get when you mix a huge amount of retro 16-millimetre educational film footage, a little influence from Andy Warhol and some raw student stimulation? You end up with Loopapalooza.

Loopapalooza is the collaborative brainchild of Visual Arts professors David Clark and Steve Reinke. This spontaneous art exhibition of film and sound will adopt the methods of looping and repetition as themes to create a unique art and dance party. Numerous film projectors will display a complex arrangement of filmic images on the 4.2-metre walls of the Artlab in the Visual Arts Centre, combined with distorted minimalist music.

Several years ago, Clark received a large quantity of educational films from a London recycler. With the assistance of Visual Arts students and the experimental influence of Western filmmaker Anthony Primmer, these films will be used as the basis for the exhibition's theme – "Repetition is a Form of Change."

The films are a combination of behavioural, scientific and family-based productions. Visual Arts students have manually filtered though the films and have cut and pasted the images that will be shown. The random stealing of images, juxtaposed with a contorted and looped melody, will provide the film and art-goer alike with a stunning mix of viewing and listening experience with Loopapalooza.

The one-time presentation is on Dec. 5 at the Artlab of the Visual Arts Centre and all are encouraged to attend. This attractive blend of film and music promises to appeal to a diversity of people. Admission is free, although participants will have to provide their own alcohol. If you are looking for a night of dancing with an interactive and creative edge, then this is the experience for you. Loopapalooza begins at 6 p.m. and continues late into the evening.

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