Volume 91, Issue 53

Tuesday, December 2, 1997



EPC not the way

Re: EPC Worked Hard, Nov.21

To the Editor:

The disagreement we have with the USC is over the methods that should be employed to ensure we achieve concrete results in promoting education. If getting Michael Rubinoff's picture in Macleans and on various television stations was the goal of the Education Party, then I suppose one could call it a 'success.' But does this blip on the national media screen really do anything to achieve concrete results for the cause of education? Hardly.

There is a reason why one-issue interest groups (the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is an example) do not run candidates in elections. These groups realize that affecting the policy development process is utterly impossible with one or even a handful of MPs sitting in Ottawa. Unfortunately, the creators of the Education Party didn't realize this before they opened the collective wallet of Western students. The fact is, even if Michael Rubinoff had won, he would have been quickly forgotten and ignored, much the same as any independent member of Parliament. Mr. Rubinoff appears to realize this fact since he will likely be sitting as a Progressive Conservative MP in Western's upcoming Model Parliament.

Instead of merely seeking expensive media coverage, it's time the USC began actively looking to implement educational policy within existing political parties. The UWO Reform Club itself will be drafting and submitting educational policy to the Reform Party in the hope that it will become party policy. This method is easy, it has a chance for success and unlike the Education Party, it is free. For a cash-strapped students' council such as the USC, the latter of these considerations can no longer be ignored.

Ray Novak
UWO Reform Club

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