Volume 91, Issue 53

Tuesday, December 2, 1997



Western slaps the weak Warriors silly

By Justin Klein
Gazette Staff

The men's volleyball team has one major weakness this year – they just can't lose.

Last Friday Western faced the Waterloo Warriors and came away with a 3-0 victory – keeping the Mustangs atop the West division standings with a 7-0 record going into the Holidays.

Western had some trouble with a number of unforced errors in the first game before taking over with some big points, thanks mostly to the blocking of middle player Jeremy Jonckheere.

"Jeremy just played like himself again," head coach Dave Preston said. "He was sensational by contributing 11 stuffed blocks. If people ask me who had a great game they should expect to hear his name."

Based on some of the weak play in the first game, Preston turned to his bench which has already shown this year they are consistent and reliable when called upon. In the second game, Preston decided to put in a tall line-up, which consisted of five players standing no shorter than six-foot-four. The strategy worked well as the team controlled the momentum in the game, winning 15-10.

"Dave decided to let the opposition face a tall lineup in the game," co-captain Travis Wintjes said. "These proved to be valuable substitutions as we seemed to get control."

The new line-up was no match for the overwhelmed and less talented Warriors. The Mustangs seemed in control of the blocking and were able to finish off the Warriors at a number of crucial points in the game.

The Mustangs decided to put the nail in the coffin as they shut down the Warrior offence in the third and final game, leading to a 15-7 score. Andrew Coles had nine kills which helped the team take the easy third game and kept their unforced errors to a minimum.

Another player who really stood out was co-captain Wintjes, making some big contributions on the court to go along with the leadership role he has played all season.

Once again this season Preston used the game to allow all players to contribute by giving all 12 men on the team court time.

"I am happy that all 12 people got a chance to play," Preston said. "This victory allows our team to return from the holidays on a positive and confident note."

The Mustangs, who sit on top of the West division with a perfect 7-0 record, don't play again until the new year at the York Excalibre tournament on Jan. 9, followed by Laurier for their next league game Jan. 14.

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