Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


Call for movie submissions!

By Carey Weinberg
Gazette Staff

Have you ever considered mapping out the lunacy going on inside your head? How about making a film so you can prove the degree to which you require therapy? Film studies at the English department, the visual arts department and the University Students' Council provide students with this opportunity with the fourth edition of the Western Film Festival.

The event is an opportunity for students to utilize their creative skills. Last year's Film Festival met with tremendous success, showing original films spanning many genres to a packed McKellar Room. "We were surprised students were so genuinely interested in the event." Festival organizer and film professor Janina Falkowska says. Support and interest proves the necessity for creative outlets on campus considering the disintegration of the drama department.

Submissions are to be accepted beginning Feb. 1. March 1998's festival includes cash prizes for the best films. The prize element is new to the festival this year and a point of particular importance for the organizers. The organizers are looking for short video films (no longer than 20 minutes) which will fall in three categories: narrative, documentary and avant-garde/music videos. Selected films will be presented at the festival on March 18.

Although last year's festival was "less than ideal in terms of organization," Falkowska says the participants and audience were treated to an evening of entertaining student productions. Falkowska and her fellow organizers ironed out a few bugs (one of the key elements to a successful event always depends on neatly pressed insects) and feel this year will be better organized and even more successful.

The festival started in 1994 after the initiative of a film studies student, Daniel Frankel and the professors of film studies in the department of English. Two students participating in this festival, Frankel and Arie Gurevitch have since found successful jobs in the film industry.

You have plenty of time to hash out your ideas and get working on the film destined to bring small 's' stardom. If your creative juices are flowing it's time for you to put on your director/writer's cap and get to making an artistic beverage that will satisfy people who are dying of filmic thirst.

Contact professor Janina Falkowska, (Film Studies/English Department), or professor David Clark, (Visual Arts) for more information.

To Contact The Arts and Entertainment Department: gazent@julian.uwo.ca

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