Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


Doth quote this year's entertainers

"The best musicians are the ones who maintain a style, but can play to the song. We have a 'no wanking-off rule' in the band."
–John Southworth, on pop musicans' egos.

"The idea with the Dadaists and the Anarchists was, of course, no structure – no rules, do stuff, tear things apart – and that's precisely what we decided to do."
–Hugh McIntyre of the Nihilist Spasm Band

"I still, thank God, think I have a little bit of a heart left. I mean, the music industry, yes, is trying quickly to drag it out of me. I'm holding on. I've got a couple of ventricles still going."
–Martin Rossiter of Gene.

"The highest state for me is when I'm simulateously aware of the awfulness and the wonderfulness of being alive."
–Veda Hille

"People who know me say I'm strong, but I fell so absorptive, I feel like there's so much to learn. I don't feel I know a fucking sparkle of what there is to know."
–Kinnie Starr

"I love Mick Jagger and I'm gonna conquer the world."
–Oh Susanna about her musical aspirations as a teenager

"I look forward to the time when we're just called musicans... not female musicians."
–Sarah McLachlan

"You know these people who are pushing each other around – you should stop because people at the front get hurt you know and besides – it's really annoying."
–Thom Yorke, singer for Radiohead, about moshing at the Centennial Hall concert.

"American rock 'n' roll sounds best because they have the most highways."
–Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar.

"We're going to be thrust into the world scene and we're going to give it the big 'Fuck you' and we'll take it wherever we want."
–Richard Ashcroft of The Verve

"I was pretty much a loner when I was a kid."
–Corey Hart, on the reason why he started making music

"Compared to Sudbury, London is like an art mecca, but that's not saying much."
–London artist Morag Webster-Lesarge

"The one thread that runs through the lives of Memphis musicians is that they have lots of free time and lots of booze to drink, so they just end up sitting on the porch drinking and playing the guitar and writing songs."
–Tripp Lamkins, singer/guitarist of The Grifters.

"Everybody thinks it's like New York or San Francisco, but it's poverty and angry people with guns."
–Ace, guitarist for Skunk Anansie, describing the U.S. as a misunderstood place

"People in Canada are, on the whole, conventional and seem reluctant to do anything that can't get played on modern rock radio."
–lead singer Kevan Byrne of King Cobb Steelie

"I think it's a bit of a non-issue. I think that treating women in music as a trend is kind of cheap and degrading."
–Sarah Harmer, lead singer of Weeping Tile, on the women-in-rock issue.

"Prodigy is flying a little bigger because they have that guy."
–Jim Moore, bassist of Rusty, on the popularity of techno.

"So we're hoping when people listen to it they'll groove with it, wash the dishes to it, have sex to it – but mostly drive to it."
–Dre Noronha, lead singer and drummer of Zuul's Evil Disco, about their latest album

"Metal is a four-letter word."
–Adam Sewell, lead singer of Monster Voodoo Machine

"We find a lot of submissive guys who want their asses kicked. 'Kick my ass please. I love it when you slap me. You should have slapped me harder.'"
–Corey Parkes of Nashville Pussy on the friendliness of the audience

"The band has a sound that'll enter your system through your earholes and through the floor – making that groove-thing vibrate giving you relatively no choice but to dance."
–Sandy Mamane, bassist of One Step Beyond

"Touring is pretty much a paid vacation."
–Todd Gillies, vocalist and guitarist of Fat Cats

"If you want me to stand there like some brooding, self-emulating rock star, I'm not gonna do that, I'm not a human prop. I'm just gonna dance and that's gonna be the video."
–Paul Jago, lead singer of Gandharvas

"There's that magical element you can't put your finger on that makes you go after it time and time again because maybe, one of those times, you will be able to put your finger on it."
–Jorden Morris of the Royal Winnepeg Ballet.

"Don't always think that you're the shit and that you're above it all. I think that's the downfall. As soon as you get into that arrogant frame of mind – you're toast."
–singer/guitarist Ruben Huizenga of Glueleg

"As a band we don't want to blow our load."
–Crimson's Drago on remaining musically humble, or Drago on musical premature ejaculation

"I started to write about animals and then I started writing about people and somehow it just turned into people eating people."
–Bill, of Cadillac Bill and The Creeping Bent, on his cannibalistic lyrics

"I don't like purists. I think music purists need to be taken out of the equation. I think if you really love music, then you welcome all kinds of different sounds and changes and types of music."
–Crystal Method's Keith Flint on music snobs.

"The energy level depends on how Earl feels. It can be anywhere from mild insanity to out-right 'let's call up the L.P.H. and get him in there'."
–Paul Venesoen of Osterberg on the potential of his lead singer to lose it.

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