Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


Not a teacher was stirring (and other memories of 1997)

T'was the night before exams, when all through the class, students were cramming, just hoping to pass. The beer was all stocked in the cooler with care, ready for when a break was declared.

But as textbooks give headaches and schedules indigestion, perhaps we can help with a mind-clearing suggestion. While you nestle in the corner with a snack and book, take one more sec to give first term a look.

A new rez was opened, to lure kids to Western, but when they arrived, campus was a congestion. The poor lonely Frosh who thought they'd have beds, soon had to put up with the top bunk instead.

How 'bout the Sophs who were told in a huff, it's the last year a rez, will hold all their stuff. To the stadium they marched, with a banner in hand: "DUMP DAVENPORT, SAVE O-WEEK" made their Homecoming grand.

Parizeau hit campus with separatist clutter, a protest was proposed, with unity a-flutter. Almost no one showed up, the crowd wasn't there – they may not have known, they may not have cared.

In Toronto George Bush got an honorary degree, some students protested while he spoke with glee. Elsewhere they were dragged from a summit downtown, fighting for education while big-wigs were around.

More rapid than mail, the cuts swiftly came, but people they affected screamed again and again: "No Harris! No Snobelen! No Johnson! No more! On posties, on teachers, let's strike with a roar!"

And then in a twinkling, they heard in a spew, Bill 160 got passed and postal ruling will too. As they put down their signs and turned back around, down went the protests, the feds won this round.

The University Students' Council proposed change to its bite, better first-year representation will give a well-rounded fight.

The Education Party of Canada, it twinkled. The ideas, how merry. Using elections for issues was as fresh as a cherry. But some said something in the Party did smell, as other student groups raised voices to yell.

It's been an eventful first half, filled with bills, bells and whistles. And it flew past us all like the down of a thistle. Good luck with your studying, "Ho!, ho!, ho!" all the way, DON'T CHEAT ON EXAMS AND HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY.

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