Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


A future T.A.?

Re: Grammar goof, Nov.26

To the Editor:

I'm confused! Perhaps I share this feeling with every Western student who has read Beau Levitt's letter. I am led to a path of ambiguity – what was Mr. Levitt's letter about? Is it a ridiculous but noble and sincere attempt to help The Gazette's editors? A masterfully written satire that penetrates our intellect and serves to amuse?

When he says "Me and my housemate..." does he really mean "My housemate and I..." but gives us, students, the benefit of the doubt? Or is this how his English teachers taught him to construct sentences? Perhaps he forgot what he learned and was easily swayed by mainstream pop culture – a culture notorious for its followers speaking and writing "Me and my [noun]" all the time and their habit of using "like" as a sentence filler. Is this his brand of satire?

We should, however, commend him for his sheer loyalty to The Document Company – while we would normally say, "I photocopied this, I photocopied that...," he sincerely believes his high school 'xeroxed' their newsletter. Again, satire?

Vic Paredes
Arts II

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