Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


Welcome to the jungle

Re: Stay with Gay. Nov. 26

To the Editor:

Welcome, Sara Archer, to the University of Western Ontario! You sure picked the right school; it permits the display of posters depicting homosexuals engaged in oral sex, it recently approved a gay, lesbian and bisexual study centre and it made public your pule as The Gazette's "Campus Comment." Also, you picked the right faculty. Last year the Arts Students' Council invited Gerald Hannon, an advocate for prostitution and pedophilia, to speak to students. Yes, you would have liked him. He cries "Amen" to your wrongfully rhetorical question "What difference does it make who we have sex with?"

In welcoming you, I also suggest we induct your two letters to this Gay Resource Centre. For years to come, these "bright-eyed, energetic and effervescent" young queers you speak of, could study your writs as the authority in homosexual rhetoric and jargon. Perhaps as an encore you could write a book: "How To Argue Your Case Using Emotional Fluff That Is Void Of Any Substance Whatsoever."

Now I'm sure you've noticed how expensive university is and I assume you will be here for another two or three years. So, let me suggest a way to go through school debt free. Every time you catch yourself or one of your queer colleagues using the words "homophobic," "intolerant," "narrow-minded," "scared," "frigid," "fossil," etc, etc, etc, to describe heterosexuals, take a dime and throw it into your now-empty closet. Let me assure you, in three years we will again be glad that your closet is occupied with enough money to repay any debt that you have incurred.

During your stay in London there are many churches which offer a place where you can go and not be "punished by being told (you) are wrong." In fact, these churches purposely skip over passages such as 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 which clearly say that "no homosexual will inherit the kingdom of God," or Romans 1:18-32 which describes a situation where men discard Godly principles for immoral ones and, in return, are given over to the degrading of their bodies with one another in homosexual activity.

London also has a wonderful mayor. You're going to like her. She's the type of person who's brave enough to stand up for what they believe, no matter what the consequences. You like that, right? Sara Archer, welcome to this school and this city!

Dave Theobald
Biology II

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