Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


Wanted: fact checker

Re: Don't weigh the unnecessary evidence, Nov.19

To the Editor:

I am writing on behalf of the Women's Issues Network here at Western in response to Jeff Gardiner's letter.

We would first like to point out that the statistic quoted by Ms. Reynolds was NOT one put out by the Women's Issues Network but by the Ontario Women's Directorate and is therefore, in our opinion, "worthy of being cited."

Secondly, as far as the Women's Issues Network not being a "model guardian of equality," I don't recall EVER meeting Mr. Gardiner at any of our general meetings. And I doubt highly that he has ventured up to Rm. 315A of the UCC to see what we have to offer, as many male students have done.

We would appreciate it if in the future Mr. Gardiner would learn more about an organization before making unfounded judgements. It may interest him to know that WIN is made up of FEMALE and MALE students who are interested in promoting positive gender roles and quality throughout the campus. Our suggestion to Mr. Gardiner: before you decide to sign your name to any future statements (especially regarding WIN), be sure to get your facts right. We look forward to seeing you in our office in the near future!

Gillian Judkins
Women's Issues Commissioner, USC

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