Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


Show more tolerance

Re: Stay with gay, Nov.26

To the Editor:

Let me attempt to summarize Sara Archer's rebuttal on Jeff Gardiner's comment:

"It does not get more childish than resorting to name-calling" –adjectives that are not allowed when referring to me. They didn't teach me grammar in high school (first of several examples). "I wouldn't want someone like you agreeing with me!" They did, however, teach me that exclamation marks are really important when I'm mad! I'm even more childish than Jeff thought. "Your denial is a lie and it is no solitary lie as there is no such thing." In general... cool metaphors are really effective and make me sound worldly. I just bought this thesaurus... my point of view is the only acceptable version of the world; if you don't agree you are: homophobic, a "fossil" wearing blinkers (it's not as if Sara's view is tunnel-vision) or all of the all of the above.

And as Sara reads this, I am... [insert previous options here]

Does anyone really care what sexual orientation the person sitting next to them on the bus is? I don't.

Tom Seton

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