Volume 91, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Jack Frosh


Canadian strike fever

Re: Union strikes across the country

To the Editor:

Once again, the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels shine through in the latest example of the conflict theory. According to this theory, which seems to be so well-heeded in recent weeks, the oppressed must seek emancipation from the oppressor. Unfortunately, in the case of Canadian Postal Workers, it is the government that is getting ravished by the workers instead of the other way around.

The workers of the postal service are convinced (again) that they are getting a raw deal and deserve more for their labour. According to conflict theorists, if the oppressor does not give in peacefully, more extreme measures must be taken.

Is this democracy? Does emancipation of the working class mean that workers hold the country hostage with a wretched eight per cent increase and absolute job security as ransom? Logically, when business is down, so is the need for labour; and teachers, meat packers and especially postal workers.

The craze on strikes in this country could be attributed to socialization. It is this culture's belief that the people should always dictate what the people get – regardless of whether or not the government knows best. In other cultures, to question the authority of the government can result in fatal consequences. Instead, in an effort to get re-elected, North American governments bow and kiss the feet of the unions and protestors, praying there will be no hard feelings.

Maybe facism isn't so bad after all; we'd certainly get more accomplished.

Jeff Cooke
Biology II

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