Volume 90, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 4, 1997



Stepping to the challenge

Andria Kury/Gazette

By Natalie Henry
Gazette Staff

Charell Lockhart is the president the University Student Council's Get Ta Steppin' club. The third-year biology student has only spent three years in Canada and considers it quite cold in comparison to her home in the sunny Bahamas.

When asked about her experience as a minority she admits she was never brought up with this kind of thinking. "I've never encountered any issues as a minority," she explains. "I have never been raised like that.

"I ignore it that's not how I think of myself. Some of my friends have encounters in residence but nothing really directly happens to me."

When asked about diversity in Canada, Lockhart said she believes that in some aspects this country is good. "For example, the teacher and student type of thing is good because everyone is treated equally. Some people have bad attitudes and beliefs but that's everywhere, not necessarily just Canada."

Lockhart acknowledges that our southern counterparts experience racism to a more extreme degree. "Compared to the my friends from home who go to school in the [United] States, they have it much worse.

"I didn't really know about it [racism] when I came up here. It's so different at home – we have a different type of people."

The Get Ta Steppin' president has stepped up to many a challenge by leaving home and living in a new country, braving the cold weather and leading a club on the path to success.

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