Volume 90, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 4, 1997



Korean students at Western address cultural respect

It is hard to write an article about what it is like being a Korean student at the University of Western Ontario. In fact, it is something that as a Korean student you do not tend to think about.

As the vice-president of external affairs of the Korean Student Association I felt that in order to get a well-rounded view, I could take the opportunity to speak with our executive members on how they feel about the general issue of segregation.

I would like to start then by letting everyone know that no matter where you go, whether it is a university campus or city atmosphere, you will see segregation of many different ethnic groups, because people are more comfortable when they are with familiar people who share the same values.

The problem that could occur is that there is no opportunity for people to integrate. Western is a multicultural campus and does a good job in allowing various ethnic groups to promote their cultural lifestyles. Over the past few years, people can definitely see that there have been positive changes on campus.

More importantly, people's attitudes toward integration must change. Western might be successful in providing opportunities for the student population to be aware of other ethnic groups, yet if ignorance continues to exist among students than, cultural respect won't be recognized.

–Jane Son
VP-external affairs, Korean Student Association

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