Volume 90, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 4, 1997



It's still anyone's game!

Three hundred thirty-seven people surveyed, top nine answers on the board, here's the question: Name the person you would vote for if you had to vote today in the University Students' Council presidential elections.

The votes were so close that anyone could take the presidency.

Once again we humbly present our annual, unscientific Gazette pre-election poll, after conducting phone surveys for five hours on Sunday night. Our poll was based on a systematic sample of students – we called every 10th person in the student directory from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. We made no call-backs for students who were not at home. If the sample can be treated as accurate, it is within six-and-a-half percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Students polled included 163 males and 174 females. Any graduate students were taken off of the list. There were 82 first-year students, 86 from second-year, 103 from third-year, 59 from fourth-year and seven other undergraduates. Students were represented from all undergraduate faculties.

The most glaring result of the poll was the number of students who have already decided they are not going to vote in the elections Feb. 12 and 13. Ninety-six students said they would not vote, 39 were undecided and 202 said they would vote. "The USC doesn't do anything for me," one male student said. "It depends on whether the issues I'm most concerned about are going to be raised," said a female student.

By far the biggest issue for students on campus was the threat of tuition increases, followed by the quality of education and government cuts to education.

Other issues not listed in our survey, but raised by students, were: how money is allocated to departments and the perceived preference given to some departments; representation for mature students; how to make student voices heard and the administration's ability to address student concerns; prices of food on campus; residence fees no longer collected by the university; USC-student relations and student apathy.

Twice as many students said they had read, listened to or watched election coverage than those who had not. But at the same time, twice as many students said they would not attend an election forum than those who planned to do so.

If you had to vote today, who would you vote for?

Percentage of those who plan to vote or are undecided:

Undecided: 64.7
Kevin Mol 6.6
Christina Gural 6.2
Sean Martin 5.4
Ryan Parks 4.1
Brian Astl 4.1
Scott Graham 3.3
Mark Smiley 2.9
Saj Butt 2.1
Roy Sproxton 0.4

Percentage of those who are decided:
Kevin Mol 18.8
Christina Gural 17.6
Sean Martin 15.3
Ryan Parks 11.8
Brian Astl 11.8
Scott Graham 9.4
Mark Smiley 8.2
Saj Butt 5.9
Roy Sproxton 1.2

*all percentages rounded to the nearest 10th

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