Volume 90, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 4, 1997



CANDIDATE PROFILE: Roy Sproxton - Getting down to business

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

Roy Sproxton is concerned about the financial problems of Western students and has a business plan he says will improve the University Students' Council.

"I feel the USC needs to become financially self-sufficient," Sproxton said. "The USC presently relies on funding from students and [students] simply can't afford it any more.

"The USC needs to be run as a business and must find external means of generating finance to do so."

Sproxton will be distributing his plan, The Purple Revolution, campus-wide this week. "It is a radical, innovative and implementable plan that proposes a new USC," he said.

"I am running for president because I am fed up with the current operations of the USC. I don't feel [the council] is representing the needs of students in light of present external factors changing student life."

At the forefront of Sproxton's campaign is the lowering of USC student fees through corporate sponsorship. Sproxton said corporate sponsorship is the current trend for creating financial stability and selling advertising space on campus would generate substantial revenue needed to offset USC student fees.

"I think students will react positively towards a self-sufficient USC and will put up with added advertising around campus if it means lower student fees," Sproxton said.

Finance is not the only issue Sproxton plans to tackle if elected. He plans to increase academics by implementing a USC-run review session program for students. "It would be run by faculty and students and would allow a more comfortable atmosphere for students to ask questions," Sproxton said.

If elected, Sproxton also wants to put a greater emphasis on academics during Orientation Week. "I would like to have the faculty do workshops in the residences and invite off-campus students to join," he said.

Teacher evaluations are another area of academics Sproxton would like to improve if elected. He said he feels students are not benefitting from the evaluations as they are presently used. "There needs to be more open-ended questions in order for the student's voice to be understood," he said.

Sproxton also plans to expose the accountability of the council. "The USC must have better means of promoting itself. Upcoming events need to be advertised in more widespread manner," he said. Sproxton suggests a bulletin board in the University Community Centre, a monthly calendar in The Gazette and encouraging USC commissioners and VPs to communicate with students in order to help advertise the goings-on of council.

Sproxton said in order for any aspect of the USC to improve, feedback is necessary from the students. "Students can only give feedback if they are informed of what's going on."

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