Volume 90, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 4, 1997




Giving library and janitorial staff what he called "a taste of their own medicine," an anonymous student locked 30 students in the library (then in the Stevenson-Lawson Building) on this day in 1956.

At about 6 p.m the student locked the main doors to the library with 20-inch long chains bonded by combination locks and tied the back door of the library to a tree with a rope, as it opened inwards.

The students were trapped for about half an hour until the student librarian on duty, Ted Jongerius, realized his keys opened the doors to the tunnel from the library to University College. "I began to wonder what I was going to do with 30 people if they were forced to sleep here for the night. It took me quite awhile to realize I had a key to the tunnel," Jongerius said.

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