Volume 90, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 4, 1997



Medway council mix-up

By Adrian Leung
Gazette Staff

Things appear to be back to normal for Medway Hall after a tumultuous week filled with a failed impeachment attempt and two resignations.

The controversy began Jan. 26 during a closed session of council when a motion was made to impeach Mohamed Ali, Medway's VP-finance. Council members voted against impeachment and subsequently Michael Kogon tendered his resignation as president of Medway.

However, after some contemplation, Ali announced on Jan. 28 his resignation as VP-finance. And after Ali's resignation, Kogon decided to return as president.

"I made a hasty decision and I'm not 100 per cent sure of the reasons," Kogon said. "It was done in the midst of the moment, but after my resignation I had time to reflect and reconsider." He added he returned as president through the proper procedures and bylaws of council.

Kogon would not elaborate on reasons why the motion was made to impeach Ali or why he felt he should resign in protest of the failed motion. However, he said his decision to return to his former position was supported by a lot of council members. "In my interests, it was not that important [an issue] for me to resign over."

"The motion for my impeachment didn't get through, but it wasn't until I resigned that Mike returned," Ali said. He refused to comment further on the controversy to have him impeached, citing all the events occurred behind closed doors. "I'm not allowed to discuss it." However, he said his decision to finally step down was made after some thought. "I felt that's what I had to do." Ali added he will remain on the council but only as an ex-officio member.

Kogan said the finance position was filled last Sunday and the portfolio will have some help from an assistant along with last year's VP- finance. Jamie Boyce, Medway's new VP-finance is confident there are no problems presently with Medway's finances. "The position was just passed over to me and everything's fine and up to date," Boyce said.

Saying he's glad the problems of council are behind him, Kogon is attempting to bring things back to normal at Medway. "Judging by the last council meeting, things are now running smoothly and we will finish the year the way we planned in the beginning," he said.

Dave Hamilton, manager of the University Drive residences refused to comment on the controversy. As well, Stan Tse, Medway's USC representative, also declined to comment on the issue explaining the impeachment meeting was conducted in confidential.

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