Volume 90, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 05, 1997



EDITORIAL: Not so golden Graham

We really don't want to seem too critical but, let's face it, people do some bone-headed things in life – it's too bad sometimes this happens during campaigning.

University Students' Council presidential candidate Scott Graham's judgement obviously wasn't the clearest when he decided what was going to appear on his website – otherwise, the quiz, recently pulled from the web page, wouldn't have seen the cyber-light of a techno-day.

Questions like, have you ever "taken advantage of someone while they were stoned or drunk?" appeared in a quiz on Graham's website entitled "Am I fit to be the USC President?"

There are lines drawn in the sands of good taste and Graham played proverbial beach volleyball over them.

There's humour and then there's bad taste and Graham has chosen the wrong one to put up on the website.

Admittedly Graham did ask Monday to take the offending page down, but because of a little bureaucratic gooeyness he had to wait until yesterday to be given the official decree.

But the point is Graham should know better. This is his second foray into the presidential race and he, more so than most, should be aware of the dos and do nots of campaigning.

And the fault falls squarely on the shoulders of Graham. While he did get approval from the elections committee, it is the responsibility of every candidate to make sure they know what they're doing is a) abiding by the rules of campaigning, b) abiding by the rules of the university and c) not against the law.

But the most important rule – and the one which should be followed most closely – is that of common sense and respect.

You really have to know that giving points to people who have used alcohol or narcotics to take advantage of someone, even in jest, is going to offend a few people on campus – and that can't be good for the ol' election chances.

There was another incident just a week ago where a candidate used poor judgement – we're not going to mention who – and we encouraged the candidates to be a little more judicious in their campaigning.

Apparently not all got the point.

So Graham now faces the arduous task of trying to focus his campaign for the remainder of the elections while putting this incident behind him.

And he'll have to watch his words.

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