Volume 90, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 05, 1997



Trying to provide a safer campus

Re: Campus assault, Jan. 29

To the editor:

After reading this article, I called into question exactly what I can do to help prevent crimes such as sexual assault: I, one of several thousand students on a very large campus; I, an inhabitant of a world where sexual assault still exists.

As a member of Western Foot Patrol, I suppose the best thing for me to do is to continue walking regularly to promote the service – to continue putting in the hours each week in the hopes that more and more people will realize the importance of making safe choices as part of a daily routine.

It may not have a direct affect on the unfortunate statistics we read, but it does affect things indirectly. I believe that the six escorts my partner and I provided last week will remember our presence and retain the feeling of safety we shared with them. Even without an escort to provide, I believe that the people who pass by us will remember the iridescence of the writing on our jackets and the fact that we crossed their path at least once that night.

Foot Patrol can't operate at all times though. It is up to us, as members of the community, to make those safe choices in our lives: walk with friends, walk with someone you can trust, take the cab home when safety is in doubt, offer someone a ride if they have no way home.

These are only some of the safe choices one can make. These are some of the ways we can help prevent statistics from rising. Perhaps ours will one day be a world where sexual assault doesn't exist. It's our choice.

Corwyn Liam Birch
Foot Patroller
Arts III

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