Volume 90, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 05, 1997



Rock cutter rolls with the punches

Re: Taking a safety cue from the undergrads, Jan. 29

To the editor:

I was shocked this morning when I picked up The Gazette and read a letter from two third-year chemistry students mocking a picture of me that was in the paper on Jan. 20. In their letter, they joke, asking, because I am a graduate student "does this mean that the more educated we get, the more immune we become to eye injuries?"

Mr. Kopac and Mr. Rose are 100 per cent correct in saying that university laboratory safety codes are not to be taken lightly, or disobeyed. Of course, we do not become more immune to eye injuries as we get more educated, but apparently, we do develop a better sense of humour. I am sorry that Mr. Kopac and Mr. Rose were unable to read between the lines of the caption below the picture and see that the photo was simply staged. It was meant to evoke a chuckle. Unfortunately, it was not entirely successful in the case of the two undergraduates who wrote the sarcastic and insulting letter to the editor on Jan. 30.

Obviously, when using university laboratory equipment, my colleagues in the department of earth sciences and I always obey safety standards and wear the required safety gear.

Thank you for your offer to demonstrate proper eye-wear procedure, but I am well-versed in that skill already.

Julie Sanders
Earth sciences grad student who is very careful about being safe when cutting rocks!

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