Volume 90, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 05, 1997



Putting together the VP pieces

By Kevin Gale
Gazette Staff

Now that the game of 'Who will be the next University Students' Council president?' is a week old, it's time to embark on round two and see which of the contestants' proposals are winners and which ones will produce Whammies when the final buzzer sounds.

Among this year's platforms is a proposal to restructure the portfolios of the four USC vice-presidents.

Scott Graham and Ryan Parks both want to dissolve the position of VP-student issues and separate it into internal and external portions, creating a replacement position for the external portion and putting the internal portion into another portfolio. Mark Smiley and Kevin Mol have similar aspirations.

Current VP-student issues Chris Walsh said once in the job, a person in the current position should be able to handle the workload of a dual role. "It's a combination of balancing the [external and the internal]. The two do not cross often," Walsh said. He added a good balance can be reached if the person has knowledge of the job before they take it over.

Jim Walden, USC general manager, said an externally-oriented vice-president's duties may be too closely linked to the president's. Such a proposal would ease the workload of the president, but the responsibility come's with the territory, Walden said. "It is a primary function of the president to represent the organization externally."

However, USC president Dave Tompkins said the role of president also includes delegating responsibilities, so concessions in other areas could be made.

Both Walsh and Walden said it is premature for the candidates to propose changes to the organization's structure without having worked in it and learned how it really functions. "There are a lot of limits and realities that come into this," Walden said. "There are tempering influences and no magic solutions."

Walden said while the USC does not necessarily need restructuring, if any restructuring is to be done, detailed job descriptions must first be developed. "No one has defined the whole pie and exactly how to carve it."

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