Volume 90, Issue 75

Thursday, February 06, 1997




Everyone into the pool!

The Western Billiard's Society is Texas-bound for what it hopes will be an annual pool tournament.

The North American Challenge was born when Robert Keto, the club's president, contacted the Pocket Billiards Club at Texas' A & M University in College Station, Texas.

The challenge is the first university-based international pool tournament.

Twenty-one members of London's team will participate in the tournament which runs from Feb. 21 to 23. Participants not only include club sharks, but players spanning three categories: advanced (don't miss), intermediate (don't miss much) and beginner (don't miss missing).

Universities competing in the challenge include the University of Texas, North Texas State University and the University of Louisiana, among others.

Western's team has an advantage. "We play on larger tables here – in the States the tables are a foot smaller," Keto said. Perhaps that advantage will turn into a $1,200 pool cue victory – the top prize – for one of the players.

Plans are being made to bring the tournament to London next year, but this year the club welcomes any supporters to join them on their Texas-bound voyage.

– Carey Weinberg

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