Volume 90, Issue 76

Friday, February 07, 1997



A note of thanks for the smiles

Re: "Smile" snippet, Nov. 26

To the editor:

As the co-ordinators of the toy drive we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in Operation: Smile. As a combined effort of Brescia, Delaware, Medway, Saugeen-Maitland, Sydenham and Westminster we managed to raise $1,800 to be put towards the purchase of toys.

These toys were then distributed to the Salvation Army, St. Joseph's Health Centre and the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario.

Special thank yous to David Small from Medway, Marha Reich from Sydenham, Serri Ann from Brescia, Alyssa Shoniker and Terri Fowler from Delaware and Steve Sitler from Westminster who were all co-ordinators in their respective residences/college. We would also like to thank Zellers and Canadian Tire who both were extremely generous throughout the campaign.

As the first campaign of its kind we would like to see this become a Western tradition as it proved to be extremely helpful to those who were in need during the holiday season.

Susan Carroll
Amanda Dennis
Philanthropy co-commissioners
Saugeen-Maitland Hall

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