Volume 90, Issue 76

Friday, February 07, 1997



Forum focuses on increasing safety

By Karena Walter
Gazette Staff

Delaware residents made a good showing yesterday in a presidential forum that they requested.

Jay Ng, the residence's University Students' Council representative, said the residence felt slighted it was not given its own forum this year as in previous years. Although turn-outs for forums have traditionally been poor for the residence, Ng said there had been bad marketing which was improved this year.

"I am ecstatic about the turn-out tonight," he said.

The presidential candidates fielded a number of questions by students including how they would make changes for campus safety.

Mark Smiley proposed implementing a residence safety commission which would set up buddy systems for people going to campus late at night after Foot Patrol stops operating.

Foot Patrol should be encouraged more, Sean Martin said, adding the attitude that people have to look after each other's needs to be promoted.

Christina Gural also said Foot Patrol should be promoted and the service should be extended to areas it does not cover presently.

There should be extended hours for Foot Patrol because the bars are open longer now, Brian Astl said, adding Foot Patrollers should receive payment for staying out later at night.

Roy Sproxton said telephones with direct lines to taxi services should be installed on campus.

Scott Graham said the attitudes on campus have to change and the USC should bring groups into classes and residences for education sessions.

Sexual assault awareness days in the atrium would help educate students, Saj Butt said.

Students should be represented on maintenance committees, Kevin Mol said, adding they should ensure the new residence site is safe.

Ryan Parks said he wants money allocated to the University Police Department and there should be a campus safety audit as the last one was done in 1992.

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