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Volume 90, Issue 76

Friday, February 07, 1997



Thumbs up and down for candidate ads

By Carey Weinberg and Jason Ménard
Gazette Staff

Television has been called the opiate of the masses and yesterday Western students were given an opportunity to see what were the University Students' Council's presidential hopefuls' mind-altering drugs of choice.

The debut of the candidates' brief commercials on TV Western allowed each of the contenders an opportunity to show a little of their creative side to voters in an attempt to woo students for the upcoming elections.

In alphabetical order, we humbly submit our reviews of the candidates' work.

Brian Astl – Finally, the debut of his much-ballyhooed commercial, a clever spoof on the film Mission Impossible. The segues between scenes were a little strange but continuity is not necessarily tops on the commercial agenda. But it was action-packed and entertaining.

Saj Butt – Continuing his theme of being the voice of average student, Butt makes a pretty average commercial. Straight-forward campaign commercial. Nothing to grab your attention.

Scott Graham – Tying in a couple of scenes from Pulp Fiction, Graham takes on the mantle of 'The Wolf' – Tarantino's ultimate fix-up man. But overall, nothing to write home about.

Christina Gural – Absolutely straight-forward campaign plug with no signs of creativity until the final clip, which has a humourous element. But the rest of the commercial is simply her being active in the community with a voice-over. Ho-hum.

Sean Martin – Martin and his maps. See candidate go to various places on campus and look at them, with music that could be the score for a porno. See words underneath showing what visuals represent. Not much talking, which is a good move as he comes across very used-car salesmanish in the intro.

Kevin Mol – It made us smile. High on cuteness scale with an adorable kid as the chief narrator. Good parody of cheesy, regular guy commercial motif. But Star Wars references? C'mon! Hey Mr. 'Who's not voting for you?' hope you don't get splinters jumping on the bandwagon.

Ryan Parks – Risky move presenting yourself as an idiot. The Beavis and Butthead impression is impressive – if you like them. And then there's the matter of the ending sequence. From the base of depravity to Yanni-esque, new-age visual. An odd jump.

Mark Smiley – Very impressive timing and editing as Smiley acts out The Beatles' "A day in the life." However, not a lot of creativity as the song motivates the acting. Good pop culture reference with Ferris Bueller's Day Off quote over top of Smiley as Matthew Broderick.

Roy Sproxton – There's only one thing more boring than watching a horse race. That's watching a rerun of a horse race. Cigar's upset loss in The Breeder's Cup to be precise. But the analogy works in Sproxton's attempt to show there's no sure thing and to encourage people to join The Purple Revolution.

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