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Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Hollywood Squares: Western Style

Pack your bags! It's been a long show but the nine semi-famous presidential contestants in the University Students' Council elections are ready for the final round.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, someone will be chosen by the student body to fill the shoes Dave Tompkins currently wears.

Brian Astl, Saj Butt, Scott Graham, Christina Gural, Sean Martin, Kevin Mol, Ryan Parks, Mark Smiley and Roy Sproxton have been displaying their purple personas throughout the election with campaign teams in tow, handing out flyers, displaying T-shirts and jazzing up their websites.

The Gazette's election team has been following the candidates throughout the past two weeks, sitting in forums, conducting interviews and going through platforms with a fine-tooth comb.

Although there is one more forum today at Huron College, we know the candidates' stances pretty well by now. Therefore, after careful consideration, we humbly submit our take on the whole game.

Although issues during the campaign game have crisscrossed the board, some, such as orientation week and safety on campus, have the candidates in general agreement. We did not focus on these platforms but on those which differ from candidate to candidate.

As well, there were plenty of other issues and events that occurred over the election campaign which are not found in these pages. We chose what we thought were the most important points but it is up to each voter to dissect the literature themselves, talk to the candidates and focus on the issues.

But please do look at the issues, personalities and past records. The USC is a multi-million dollar corporation and the person students vote in will be at the helm of it all. Ask who would best suit your needs and then ask if they would also benefit the needs of most undergraduate students on campus.

Because when it's all over, there isn't another show until next year and you won't be able to change the channel.

The Gazette election team: Mark Brown, Joshua Budd, Kevin Gale, Laura Koot, Adrian Leung, Donna MacMullin, Sara Marett, Jason Ménard, James Pugsley, Karena Walter

Photos by: Laura Koot

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