Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Roy Sproxton


  • some experience at Western outside the realm of the USC
Feasibility of ideas
  • he has one idea – get corporate advertising and lower student fees as a result
  • if corporations don't co-operate he doesn't have a feasible idea
  • if he gets co-operation his idea may work... but there's a lot more to the USC than corporate sponsorship and he has barely addressed those areas
  • his leadership skills are questionable
  • it is doubtful he could lead students on issues that are not business-related
  • doesn't come across as well-rounded
  • he does not come across as well researched
  • he does not have a broad knowledge of the USC
  • he turns every question into a business answer... even if it is not business-related
  • not laid back or confident
  • his idea of the purple revolution and getting loads of corporate sponsorship is original to a students' council election at Western

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