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Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Brian Astl


  • well-rounded experience as he has worked both within the USC but also on external projects
  • he has experience with both the political and business sides of the USC
Feasibility of ideas
  • all of his ideas are aligned with his mission statement
  • some new and innovative ideas
  • questionable ideas include faculty sophs for orientation, reviewing the race relations policy, resumés on the Internet, implementing a speakers corner and increasing membership in CASA and OUSA
  • good ideas include resumé writing workshops, alumni advisor program, year-long orientation, ensuring some form of student scholarships administered by the USC, tray liners to inform students of what is going on
  • most ideas are rational and realistic
  • he has experience in a variety of aspects of university life
  • approachable and open to new suggestions
  • platform is well thought out
  • he comes across as being sincere
  • tray liner idea very original
  • student concerns (job hunting) has been addressed in a unique way

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