Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Saj Butt


  • not much experience
  • no USC experience
Feasibility of ideas
  • not a lot of ideas that will affect the overall student body
  • he has three main ideas: a gripe wall (good idea), making PRAVDA weekly (not necessary with event calendar and other council info on-line) and putting USC info kiosks in residences (possible advantages but usually it is the job of councillors to disseminate info)
  • he seems to have good intentions but due to lack of experience he has not exhibited his ability to lead "the average student"
  • the average student has had an average campaign
  • when questioned at forums his inexperience and lack of research shines
  • has shown a light-hearted side during campaigning
  • gripe wall was an original idea during Justin Thompson's 1994 campaign

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