Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Scott Graham


  • lots of experience
Feasibility of ideas
  • proposes two researched models where the jobs of the vice-presidents are shuffled and the workloads rearranged
  • proposes a 65 per cent average cut-off mark for sophs with a few exceptions
  • his promise to negotiate a flat-rate bus pass and take it to student referendum is something that has been discussed for years and no past council has been able to deliver
  • he wants a president's task force on campus safety and has offered to donate five per cent of his salary to the cause
  • has experience in the armed forces and in various areas of the university
  • he doesn't mind taking a firm stance and not swaying against the common opinion of the audience he is addressing
  • has exercised bad judgement during the campaign
  • confident but defensive
  • distances himself from the average student by coming across as being much more knowledgeable
  • has found original solutions to issues that have been at the forefront during the entire campaign

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