Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Sean Martin


  • diverse experience
Feasibility of ideas
  • a lot of his ideas are rah! rah! rather than appearing to effect substantial change or even take a side on an issue
  • many ideas are residence related, probably because that's what he knows
  • he lists the dental plan and a bus pass as issues but never states his position
  • he wants to take a "strong stance" on issues involving deregulation of tuition but does not outline how
  • he calls for rotating USC meetings, but they have not proven effective in the past
  • has proven himself a leader as president of the largest residence on campus
  • has experience in different aspects of the university which could make him an effective leader
  • comes across as hostile toward the administration
  • seems sincere when discussing ideas
  • he has a negativity that comes to light when issues that are a part of his "agenda" are discussed ie. residences, residences, residences
  • no brand spankin' new ideas

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